Digital cinematic experience in Naxos

Cine Naxos in Naxos town offers the ultimate cinematic experience, playing exclusively latest movies, sporting a digital projection unit and state-of-the-art multichannel dolby surround audio system, placing the viewer in the eye of the action. The open air cinema is located on the main road to the airport, opposite the large super market, and the winter theater is located at the Municipality building, across the large parking lot. Both theaters offer ample parking space and are fully accessible to people with disabilities.

Latest movies. Only.

Inexpensive admission

Enjoy the ultimate digital experience at only 7,5 euro per person.

Canteen on site

Popcorn, nachos with melted cheddar cheese, refreshments, cold beer on tap, whatever you wish for is here.

Use the bus

There's a bus stop right outside or very near both theaters.

Parking space

Coming by car? No problem. You'll easily find a parking spot right outside the theater.


    Open air cinema:
    2285 022 088
    Winter cinema:
    2285 025 650


    • LP
      Open air summer cinema is an great experience for both adults and kids. To my surprise they have the latest releases and the sound system is decent. Toilets are clean and there is a canteen with freshly made popcorn and drinks. Small tables are located on every raw of seats.
      London, UK
    • Elise Teistung
      Loved this place! Saw "going in style" and ate nachos, popcorn and drank wine and beer. I was surprised by the great movie and sound quality. We borrowed blankets as well. Everyone should experience outdoor cinema in Greece!
      Elise Teistung
    • Glenn M
      It was great fun - cheap prices for snacks and beers etc and a really different experience to the norm of the island. 100% recommend popping in here for one of the earlier (8pm) showings.
      Glenn M
    • sgi77
      Όμορφο και προσεγμένο θερινό σινεμά, ιδιαίτερα καθαρό και σε σύγκριση με οποιοδήποτε άλλο θερινό σινεμά όπου έχουμε βρεθεί το συγκεκριμένο προσφέρει καθαρές και μυρωδάτες κουβερτούλες για όποιον μπορεί να κρυώνει κάποιο δροσερό καλοκαιρινό βράδυ.
    • TimH4751
      The whole experience was fantastic. Very clean, chairs surprisingly comfortable and food/drink was reasonably priced.
    • Pasares
      Enjoy and relax, very decent prices, especially for the snacks, with an intermission during the movies to use the bathroom or buy more snacks. It’s just fun to enjoy with the stars in the sky!
    • Stephen T.
      Highly recommended.
      Stephen T.
    • silverredsquirrel
      Excellent picture and good sound for 7.50 Euros each. We loved it.